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Here are examples of what some of our customers are saying!
(Selections from Facebook, Nextdoor, Square, and Emails)

LFPS was the ONLY COMPANY that Fixed My Problem!

"Three companies (2 plumbers and 1 dryer vent cleaner) have come to my house over the past three months to try to find out why my baseboards were separating from the wall behind my laundry room.  Finally, I called Lint Fire Prevention Services, and they were incredible!

They discovered a five-foot segment of vent duct behind the wall that was causing lint to escape the duct into the entire wall cavity.  They opened the wall and replaced the five feet of duct as well as cleaned a gallon of lint from inside the wall and electrical outlet, which was also filled with lint.

In addition, they cleaned the dryer and removed at least a half gallon of lint from inside.  They went above and beyond and even spotted that the vent duct was not properly secured to the roof vent and repaired that, too.

I highly recommend this company to all my friends, family, and neighbors.  It is a family owned business, and the professionals are knowledgeable and polite.  They will tell you exactly what needs to be done and give you a fair and honest price."


~ Christy B., Montgomery, TX.  

One of the Best Customer Service Experience!

"One of the best customer service experiences I have ever had.  They did more than just clean out the dryer vent.  They also cleaned the dryer.  I had some underlying issues with the dryer and they handled it!  Cleaned off coils, replaced major kink in the vent hose, replaced the exit flap on outside of house.  The attention to detail and amount of pride taken in their work is amazing.  This attribute is very hard to find in companies these days."

~ Sean B., Montgomery, TX.

Badly Needed It

"Lint Fire Prevention Services did an awesome job cleaning out the lint that was clogging up my dryer vent. I hadn’t realized how much had built up over the years. My dryer vent hadn’t been cleaned since I moved into my home in 2006. It badly needed it. After the service was completed I ran my dryer and it worked a lot more efficiently than it had before the vent was cleaned out. I highly recommend that everyone have this service done to their dryer venting system."

~ Karen A., Magnolia, TX.

Much Respect

"I have had the pleasure of using this service myself. They are professional and very knowledgeable and video and take pictures to show you before and after. Much respect to this company and the family. Great and a pleasure to do business with."

~ Kimberly W., Magnolia TX.

They Really Care & Treat You Like Family

"These guys are absolutely awesome! I have been having dryer problems and they came out and our vent was clogged, and I mean total blockage, from the dryer all the way to the roof. Jason took before and after pics and I couldn't believe it. Dryer issues continued and I had the GE warranty guys come out and dismiss the problem as "a clogged vent they couldn't do anything about". I called Jason and asked for his advice. He came out and checked the dryer guts, and they were all full too. He offered on the first visit but I (very stupid and naively) declined, thinking I could do it myself. Well, there's no way I could've done what he did. The dryer is working much better, but I am still fighting the warranty people because I had them return and they can't figure it out. Jason had followed up and I told him, and he researched and sent me info. I think we might have found the problem, or I should say, Jason found the problem because the GE people either aren't capable or don't care.


This company really cares about what they're doing and treat you like family. I can't recommend them enough!"

~ Haley P., Magnolia, TX.

Peace of Mind

"We highly recommend LFPS. They provide a valuable service at a fair price with honesty and integrity. We called and Jason and Roman came out the next day. Now we can have peace of mind that our dryer system is free from potentially dangerous lint buildup."

~ Kevin J., The Woodlands, TX.

The Most Amazing Service

"If any of you are having problems with your clothes not drying and you think it may be lint filling up your hose, I just used the most amazing service yesterday.  Lint Fire Prevention Services is a new company.


I cannot say enough about his and his son's professionalism.  They came in, completed the cleaning, cleaned up after themselves and left.


If this is something you need, their number is 1-8-333-NO-LINT.  They have a Facebook page also.  I am posting this because of prior problems I had and could not find anyone outside of GE that would work on it."

~ Danny B., Montgomery, TX.

Over the Top!

"Jason just left my house. I had a duct in my attic that was not connected and blowing lint into my attic. I had no idea, I rarely go up there. 🥴


Jason was over the top (something I haven’t seen in a long time from a company). He was professional, friendly, took his time, even cleaned my floors and my machine, and my attic floors of any lint/build-up with no charge. He showed me pictures and videos of what he cleaned up. I am completely impressed with his services and will be using him next time.


I have had my dryer vent cleaned twice since living here and I have learned while you can get a company to clean your vents most don’t include the dryer unit itself. TOTALLY worth the peace of mind and maintenance to my machine!"


~ Cathleen S., Montgomery, TX.

Heaven Sent

"Thank You LFPS (Jason & Roman) for serving our dryer yesterday. Even an OCD person like me was shocked how much lint my dryer had even after I clean it on a daily basis after each use. They explained everything they did & even showed me pictures of all the trapped lint. So nice to see the after pictures. Prevent Lint Fire with LFPS they truly are Heaven Sent."

~Alice A., The Woodlands, TX.

Courtesy, Quality, Customer Service, & Thoroughness

"We appreciated the call to let us know Caleb would be running late and the new approximate time of arrival. Once here, he did a great job cleaning the vents and we liked the pictures that were sent as a follow-up.


Will recommend your service to friends!"

~ Marge M., Conroe TX.

40% Improvement

"I can not say enough about how professional, educational and thorough they are. They came in, used an endoscope to see inside the dryer and all the way out to the roof. They then took apart the dryer and throughly cleaned everything, and it was A LOT, also cleaned my washer tubing. They left everything spotless, I can hardly hear my dryer and the are flow numbers wet up about 40% and the owner, Jason Ramos and his son Roman couldn’t have been nicer. I highly recommend."

~ Stacey M., Montgomery, TX.

5 Stars!

"We needed to have our dryer and venting system checked because these two items showed up on the Inspection Report for the new owners.  I called Lint Fire Prevention Services because they are family owned and I thought their name said exactly what they would do.  


Jason Ramos and his team cleaned the inside of the dryer (because lint gets past the lint collector), the ductwork and had to install a new roof vent.  The builder installed the cheapest vent which didn't meet code- and we had 12 years of lint and dryer sheets in the ATTIC!  We could have had a major fire according to Jason because the lint could have ignited from the static electricity.  LFSP also vacuumed the inside of the attic!

We were thrilled by the level of expertise and the outstanding customer service of Lint Fire Prevention Services and Jason and his team.  They responded to our short deadline in selling the house and meeting the Inspection Report and came back to diagnose that our dryer's motor had died shortly after their visit that same day.  


~ Lydia M., The Woodlands, TX.

100% Satisfaction

"Highly recommend this family owned & operated company! Very friendly & caring! Takes before/after photos to share & follows up with a call or text to make sure you’re happy!"

~Heidi B., Magnolia, TX.

Extremely Thorough

"I made an appointment via Facebook and they showed up on time the next day. They we’re very friendly and extremely thorough. I would highly recommend LFPS for your dryer vent cleaning needs."

~ Stormy P., Magnolia, TX.

Reasonably Priced

"This service was very reasonably priced! Excellent service, very nice people. They did an excellent job a took before and after pictures."

~ Carolyn S., Magnolia, TX.

A Woman's Dream

"Made appointment via FB, and their team came the same day! Confirmation email, arrived on time....thorough, yet succint info and a super deep clean....They found problems we didn't know we had and fixed the issues. Dryer is working great, and we have a safe situation! Super clean and neat team/ a woman's dream....Highly recommended!"

~ Jeannie L., Tomball, TX.

We had no idea

"They did such an amazing job cleaning out all of the lint! we had no idea how bad it was. Now that it’s perfectly clean we feel a lot safer from a fire, thank y’all so much!"

~Kylynn S., Magnolia, TX.

I can't believe it

"I made the appointment and they were out within a few hours. They took their time and did a great job and even cleaned up before they left. Jason was very nice and answered all my questions. I will definitely be using him again!! I can’t believe how much lint they got out of my pipes. If your laundry room is in the middle of the house you definitely need this service!"

~ Laura C., Magnolia, TX.

Excellent Communication

"Excellent service! Excellent communication! Great job! Highly recommend"

~ Jesse M., Montgomery, TX.

Above and Beyond

"The service provided by this business is phenomenal! They are very diligent in the work they perform and go above and beyond what is contracted for with the client. I highly recommend this company to clean out the dryer vent line in your home. I promise you will be shocked at what is found 😊. I give this business multiple thumbs up. 👍👍👍👍"

~ Karen A., Magnolia, TX.

See you next year

"We were very impressed with the service of Lint Fire Prevention. They were very polite and explained everything they were going to do. We feel safer knowing our dryer vent is free from lint! Thank you so much! We will definitely be using them again next year!"

~ Jennifer S., Magnolia, TX.

They were very kind

"I needed help with cleaning out the lint and they were sooo helpful, did a wonderful job and were very kind!"

~ Starley B., Magnolia, TX.

The Other Company Didn't Do As Much

"I had the comprehensive cleaning done and was quite surprised how much build-up I had. I had it done a year ago by another company. The other company didn’t do as much as Lint fire protection did. It is awesome that they take before and after pictures and videos to show you exactly how much build up you have and how clean it is once they are done. I highly recommend the comprehensive inspection. And, Jason and his son are very good people, very polite, not pushy and we’re on time! They came in, got to work and handled everything. They were here twice as long as the other guy. That tells me they did it right, I have pictures to prove it. If you don’t think you have a lint problem, let them show you that you do! Excellent service!"

~ Bo K., Magnolia, TX.

I Can Smell the Difference!

"I want to thank LFPS for coming and cleaning my entire system.  I couldn't believe what they got from my dryer.  I really can tell and smell the difference! 


I encourage everyone to give them a call because we all want to keep our family safe.  You will not be disappointed.


Thanks again for doing such a great job and being a dedicated family.  To God be the glory!"

~ Lela W., Magnolia, TX.

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